The Bag that Went BOO!

The delightfully comic story of a little red bag that jumps out of a brown paper bag – what in the world is it and where is it going?

Join us for a fantastical journey of paper bag proportions, dive into the sea and travel to the land of snow. Watch out for a giant paper bag wandering about making strange noises….

Garlic Theatre bring a sprinkle of pure magic with mime, clowning and puppetry.


“Wow! It was fantastic. Absolutely captivating – beautiful, simple, spellbinding. This is children’s theatre at its best.”  The Courtyard Theatre Hereford on 3 Little Pig Tails.

Tree Fellas

A hilarious, interactive comedy walkabout about a tree family looking
for somewhere to settle down.

As the forests are getting smaller and smaller the tree family decide
to live with the humans.

Two oversized trees and one sapling puppet talk, walk, tease and
misbehave and they have a story to tell…

Walkabout theatre for audiences of all ages.

Ernie’s Journey

Ernie’s Journey is a funny, fabulous and engaging show for young
people. They ingeniously incorporate a range of circus skills, spoken
word and audience interaction seamlessly into a crazy and appealing
kid’s adventure! – Deborah Baddoo – TYCA

Part of our funding was to undertake an extensive “covid proofing”
process to make the show work during these uncertain times. We can
therefore offer the show as a self-contained outdoor event in our
own tent with our own power supply

Puppet Van – The Lost Colour

The Puppet Van is an outdoor touring venue that presents socially
distant performances 2m in the air. Award-winning visual theatre
company Half a String have bought their brand of breath-taking
puppetry, stunning set design and innovative performance to the

This accessible hugely flexible roaming venue is perfect for audiences
to experience a full live theatre experience at a socially distanced
event with no compromises.

Additional Painting or Puppet Making workshops can also be provided.

Abor the Tree

Part Man. Part Tree. 17 feet tall. Meet Arbor.

Created by award-winning puppetry and theatre company Smoking Apples, follow Arbor as he strides around, vanishing between trees and emerging with his cart full of tree saplings. Arbor tells the story of a tree pushed from his home and his fight to preserve his future, featuring amazing puppets, and beautiful visual storytelling, we learn how Arbor came to be. Encouraging the audience to plant and nurture their own trees, Arbor will give each family a gift to take home, leaving a legacy that will last for generations.


Snow Dancer

The Snow Dancer is a brand-new eco-fable with a host of original songs and laughs aplenty. Featuring an eco-set with life-size animal puppets made from reclaimed materials

Something in The Great Wood is awry.

The animals are desperate for sleep but with the onset of global warming, the weather is just too warm. Everyone is going around in circles and is sick of nuts before Christmas is even in sight. Something must be done. Our intrepid heroes – and their helpful humans – decide they must seek out the mysterious Snow Dancer if there is any chance of ever making it snow…

Join Badapple Theatre for a wondrous wander in the winter woods, for a fairy tale with a furry tail, and plenty of laughs and songs along the way, in an original winter theatre show guaranteed to delight the whole family.

Bazazi Brothers

Part Cirque du Soleil, part Tom Jones – with a little Swayze thrown in for good measure, the Bazazi Brothers heady mix of celebrity and circus family history steeped in tradition is a real one off.

The riotous double act, dance, juggle, and fall over each other for your viewing pleasure and features internationally renowned superstars Edward and Kaveh Bazazi.

Prepare to be amazed, prepare to be dazzled, and prepare to be prepared. Smooth moves, the funkiest soundtrack you’ve ever heard, and an enormous amount of skill and dexterity makes this a show you won’t want to miss.

Dustbin Doris

A dustbin, a homeless lady and an extra-ordinary tale of courage

In a makeshift cardboard home-made home
Lives a kind old lady with a heart of gold.
Rescuing creatures great and small,
Dustbin Doris will amaze us all.

About Dustbin Doris
It’s bin collection day and our two heroic waste collectors Max and Ola are racing to make up lost time. But what’s this? A dustbin that refuses to release its contents! What could be attached? It’s Doris, the dotty old lady who lives in the park. A struggle ensues as she clings onto her possessions. But every bin has a silver liner. So, when the pair of refuse loaders realise that ‘one man’s trash is another woman’s treasure’, an amazing trove of wonderous tales recycle their way out of the rubbish.
Rhubarb Theatre, known for their imaginative styles of storytelling, perform their latest bin-full of fantasy for all the family. Prepare for joy and sadness, laughter and tears & surprises around every corner. Dustbin Doris is waste-deep in theatrical play, puppetry, mask, dance, song and lots of laughter.

Henry Moon & the Greasy Spoon

Everyone knows Flo’s café. It hasn’t changed in years. It’s no tea at the Ritz, in fact it’s a little bit shabby, but the kettle’s always boiling, and Flo is ready with a welcoming smile. Only problem is, where are the customers!

All visiting those fancy new coffee bistros, no doubt. All seems doomed for Flo until one cold windy day a strange old chap called Henry Moon blows through the doors of the café. Wearing a coat of many pockets, some rose tinted glasses and bursting with imaginative stories, could this strange little man be the answer to Flo’s problems? Henry Moon and the Greasy Spoon is perfect for families that enjoy theatrical play, puppetry, mask, dance, song and lots of laughter. Combining clever sets, original music, creative props and lots of imagination.