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Rural And Live Performance

Our Live Performance scheme enables volunteers in rural communities to host outstanding professional performances in their village hall or local community venue. Hosting these events gives people living in these rural communities the chance to experience national and international arts and culture on their own doorstep, without having to venture into larger towns and cities to do so. Experiencing live performance brings rural communities together through shared enjoyment, emotion and wonder, helping to improve wellbeing and combat isolation within these communities.


What does it involve?

  • Choosing and booking high-quality professional shows to host in your venue from a diverse menu of specially selected artists and companies.

  • Booking your venue, ensuring it is properly licensed with your local council and is suitable for the performances you have selected.

  • Gathering together a team of volunteers to help organise and promote the event.

  • Promoting and distributing information about your event, selling tickets and encouraging people to come.

  • Running the event in your venue, completing a post-event form about number of tickets sold, and paying the artist/company afterwards.

  • Acknowledging your partnership with Creative Arts East and our funders as much as possible.

What does CAE provide?

  • Financial subsidies and guarantees against loss when you book a performance company or artist through us.

  • Easy online booking of performers and shows, access to event management tools and resources.

  • Posters and flyers designed in-house especially for your event, as well as promotion of your event on our website, social media, and in press releases to local media where appropriate.

  • Attendance from a CAE team member at your first event to provide support.

  • Access to 5 days a week support from the experienced and dedicated CAE team.

How to join

  • Ready to become a CAE Live! promoter? Register your details now, and the team will be in contact to chat to you about getting started.

  • You may also be interested in promoting cinema events in your community venue. To hear more about Creative Arts East Screen, click here.

  • Are you an Artist looking to submit your company and show information? Please read our Performer Info before applying and click here to apply when you are ready – click to apply.

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