After almost twenty years touring the planet as a circus strong lady, performing feats-of-strength, Charmaine
Childs is creating a circus-theatre show that celebrates the extraordinary ways in which ordinary people are
powerful. POWER uses circus physicality and verbal storytelling to explore how we can feel powerful in an
uncertain world & find strength beyond just lifting heavy things.

The work is optimistic, uplifting, funny, physical and at times moving. Autobiography intersects with stories
from interviews with real people around the UK about their experiences of power, with their voices woven
through the soundtrack to reveal moments of strength, resilience, connection, choice and change.

“Power” was the winning application for a joint commission between Creative Arts East and Cambridge
Junction and we are so excited to see the whole show on tour. Charmaine can also provide additional audience
offers from pre-show engagement and story sharing to post-show Q&A / discussions, just ask for details.

Old Herbaceous

Described as “Downton Abbey with gardening tips”, Old Herbaceous is the humorous love story of a singleminded yet gentle man with a passion for plants and is a charming one man play which has entranced sellout audiences all around the country over the last four years.

An acute and sometimes hilarious observation of relationships between the classes in a simpler age, sprinkled with witticisms and epithets. The evening blossoms into tender humour, much in the traditionally understated English style of the early 20th century.

As Old Herbaceous, renowned actor Giles Shenton truly lives the part of the legendary Head Gardener, Herbert Pinnegar, inviting you to feel included in a private chat from a bygone, comforting age. Keeping you engrossed, amused and emotionally engaged from start to finish, Old Herbaceous will leave you with a feeling that, perhaps, all’s right with the world.


Singing, dancing, comedy, magic – and of course music!

Bowjangles return with their most magical show so far- the mystical, mythical world of fairytales, folklore
and legends.

You can expect tales of monsters, ancient gods, historical figures and characters of pure fantasy in this action packed full length show, all presented in Bowjangles’ own inimitable and unique style, full of energy and panache!

Choice Grenfell

Kick In The Head Theatre Productions are proud to present a celebration of the 40th anniversary of the loss
of the great, unremittingly genteel, comedienne and monologist, Joyce Grenfell.

Choice Grenfell is a wonderful tribute featuring some of the best of Joyce’s hilarious songs and monologues
from Stately as a Galleon and School Nativity Play to A Terrible Worrier and First Flight. Joyce guide’s you
in a delightful delve into some of her most endearing characters, ably accompanied by her trusted pianist
William Blezard. Also featuring previously unpublished rehearsal recordings and personal letters from Joyce
allowing a unique insight into the queen of comediennes.

As Joyce would have said “We request the pleasure of your company”.

Canterbury Tales

From the company that brought you ‘A Christmas Carol’, ‘Dracula’ and ‘The Odyssey’ comes a one-man performance of ‘The Canterbury Tales’.

Revered as one of the most important works in English literature, ‘The Canterbury Tales’ paints an ironic and critical portrait of English society in the middle-ages.

All of life is here in these few bawdy, funny, serious and sometimes shocking, short stories. Experience a journey down the foul and fetid footpaths of fourteenth-century England, told with the usual irreverence, wit and silliness!

Great Grimm Tales

“Three nights to save a soul.. or the Devil gets his way.”

A desperate man.. a last-ditch deal… Some stories never die, and for you the night is just beginning…

From the creators of Northanger Abbey, Casting the Runes and The Picture of Dorian Gray, Box Tale Soup present a spellbinding collection of the famous Grimm’s Fairy Tales, proving that fairy stories are definitely not just for kids!

Box Tale Soup have been touring award winning productions since 2012 and are seasoned rural tourers! Using the ‘less is more’ approach to maximum effect -their shows are portable, versatile, setting up in minutes but conjuring up a world that will stay with you for years!

I, AmDram

In this solo performance, Maxwell makes a prodigal’s return to the musty vibrancy of amateur dramatics– her family’s consuming passion for 89 years and four generations.

Weaving storytelling, stand-up, live art and a manageable amount of musical theatre references, I,AmDram traces the distance between queer, quirky London and the rehearsal halls of Home Counties suburbia; minding the gap between the identities we assert and the worlds we leave.

Both artist and production are honoured to enjoy the support and best wishes of the Welwyn Thalians Musical and Dramatic Society.

The Origin of Species

This show tells the remarkable story of how Charles Darwin came to discover the secrets of evolution, and why it took him over twenty years to pluck up the courage to publish his theory. The show is packed with big ideas, terrible puns, brilliant physical comedy and six cracking original songs about everything from blasted boring barnacles to the perils of marrying your cousin.

This is one of the shows in John Hinton’s multi-award-winning Scientrilogy of musical comedies. “Remarkably inventive, thoroughly entertaining…Science can rarely have been so fascinating and never so much fun.” – The Stage

“Comic genius…Grown-ups will love it. Kids will adore it. A gem.” – Broadway Baby