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A Taste of Egypt – Creative Wellbeing Packs!

June 15, 2020

Hello friends, it’s Sydney here! I hope you enjoyed your last Jazz themed Wellbeing pack. Al Southgate took us on a journey starting in the 1920’s and ended up in our homes, helping us to create drums! Next, we are looking at Egyptian Dance with the help of the wonderful Kay Wheatley.

Kay has helped us to fill the wellbeing packs with a whole host of Egyptian themed activities, including an Egyptian Recipe, a guide to make our own hip belts and some dance moves to try. Below is a bonus dance move for us to try, grab your hip belts…

Hip drop – Place your weight onto your left leg (don’t forget to hold onto a chair for support if you need and to tighten your core/tummy muscles to improve stability). Place the ball of your right foot close to your left so that your heel is lifted. Keep the heel lifted. Think about raising your right hip using internal muscles and then ‘drop’ the right hip down in a controlled fashion. Lift the right hip again and ‘drop’ it down. If you aren’t holding onto a chair, take your left arm up towards the ceiling with place your right arm on your hip. Try to repeat 16 right hips drops and then try the same on the left leg, repeat 16 left hip drops. One side will be easier than the other!

As always, we absolutely love seeing what you are getting up to, so if you have anything to share, like a picture of your hip belt or colouring, why not email them to me at or for Our Day Out groups,  post them on our Facebook page. If you need any help sharing, you can give us a call and we will try our best to walk through it together.

For now, here is a poem which I would like to share with you all. It is also a hint as to what will be the theme for the next pack..

My Object Poem –

A battered and well-loved cuddly cat. Orange and white.

Smells like home.

Quiet and calm childhood bedroom.

At Holidays and Hope Cove


Parents, family, childhood

Ta-ra for now,

Sydney and the Creative Arts East Team x

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