Same Same… But Different

A fun and magical dance show, engaging for children and grown ups alike. The show explores our curiosities and fears, the times we feel different and when we belong.

Same Same… But Different mixes 3 exciting dance styles: Kathak, Hip Hop and Contemporary dance, plus beatboxing, moments of live music, comedy and physical storytelling. In this jam-packed show, our 3 very different dancers together conjure up a playful and colourful world for everyone to enjoy.

Inspired by the well-known Anglo-Asian phrase ‘same, same…but different’, meaning “Yes, something kind of similar”, this is a feel-good dance show, celebrating our individuality, diversity and the bonds which connect us all.

The Rest of Our Lives

Jo is an old dancer, George an old clown. They are international artists with 100 years of life experience
between them. They’ve reached the mid-way point, and now they’re looking at the rest of their lives and
wondering, what next? Armed with a soundtrack of floor-fillers, a book of raffle tickets and a sprinkling of
eco-friendly glitter. Join them as they negotiate middle-life together with
humour, tenderness and outlandish optimism.

6 Feet 3 Shoes

A heart-warming show for all the family. Dance, storytelling and foot-stomping live music bring to life the true story of friendships that cross borders and generations. This is the story of three female dancers who forged a bond, and a language all of their own, through sharing life experiences and their love for Flamenco, Scottish and Contemporary dance and music.

See and hear how these three women united their families, developed a shared culture and navigated the ups and downs of life. The dancers will be joined on stage by musicians playing the Scottish fiddle, the flamenco drum and guitar. 6 Feet, 3 Shoes is a tale that’s sometimes funny, sometimes tender, told through feisty percussive Flamenco, energetic Scottish Strathspeys and beautiful contemporary dance.

And if that wasn’t enough, audiences can join the cast after the show for an evening
of socialising, singing and dancing.

Louder is Not Always Clearer

Meet Jonny, Jonny is a teacher, a workshop leader and an avid football fan. He’s an artist, a campaigner, he’s just become a father, and he is deaf. He loves to dance, but he can’t hear the music unless the bass is turned right up. Jonny was born deaf and grew up in a hearing family, surrounded by hearing friends who did not use the word deaf. In fact, some of those people didn’t know Jonny was deaf until they saw this show.

Louder is Not Always Clearer focuses on the importance of connection with others and the struggle to do so effectively. This one-man show is an honest portrayal of a man perceived to be full of confidence and who is outwardly social, but inwardly vulnerable and at times isolated. In a hearing world, Jonny is
different and Louder is Not Always Clearer highlights those differences in a warm and humorous way.

Fully accessible performance to a deaf audience with combination of BSL and captioning.