Social Media for Beginners Webinar Series

Social Media for Beginners Webinar Series

Final Feedback Survey


Thank you very much for attending our free Social Media for Beginners Webinar Series.


We’d love to know what you thought about the series as a whole, so that we can use this feedback to evaluate the series and improve for future activity. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.


Social Media Webinar Series - Final Feedback
Which sessions did you attend? (Please select as many as you attended) *
Which session did you find the most useful? *
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In terms of difficulty level, how did you find the series as a whole? *
Did you think that your confidence and ability to use Facebook on behalf of an organisation improved throughout the series? *
9. Would you be prepared to pay per session for training events like this in the future? *
Would you recommend this series or other similar activity from Creative Arts East to a friend or colleague? *
If we were to run more training sessions like this in future, what would you like us to cover? (Please select as many as you wish to) *


As we mentioned during the session, we’ve been very happy to offer this first webinar series for free. However if you would like to offer a contribution to our charity after participating and to help support the work we do in bringing arts and creativity to rural communities, you can donate to Creative Arts East here.


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