Post Event Feedback Survey

Post Event Feedback Survey


Thank you for attending our digital event.


We’d love to know what you thought about the event so that we can improve this service in the future.
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Post Event Feedback Survey
1. How did you hear about this event? You can select more than one. *
3. Why did you decide to book a ticket to this digital event? You can select more than one. *
4. Would you be prepared to pay to an event like this in the future? You can select more than one option *
5. Have you taken part in/attended any previous Creative Arts East activities/events? *
6. What else would you be interested in hearing about or attending in future? You can select more that one. *
7. Did you attend any CAE cinema, live or other events before March 2020? *
7b. If yes, did they... (you can select more than one option)
At CAE we are conducting some evaluation into the impact of community cultural events, using standardised questions from places such as the Office for National Statistics and other bodies. We are interested to know how participation makes audience members feel and to understand the impact this might have on wellbeing, sense of community and feelings of isolation. These questions are optional and you do not need to answer them if you do not feel comfortable. If you are willing to contribute, please answer the optional questions below:
9. How has engaging/taking part with this event made you feel? You can tick more than one option:

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