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Unleash Your Inner Poet – Creative Wellbeing Packs!

July 13, 2020

Hello there, It’s me again – Sydney! I hope that you all enjoyed getting your bodies moving and hips shaking with the help of our last creative wellbeing pack, lovingly inspired and co-created by Kay Wheatley. This month’s pack is all about creative writing and how we can use the world around us as inspiration for poems, stories and characters. Poppy Stevens (our creative writing expert) has created some truly wonderful poetry activities for you all to try in the comfort of your own home.

In previous wellbeing packs, the Creative Arts East ‘Our Day Out’ groups have responded to a couple of activities from Poppy, and sent us their poetic creations in the post. Poppy has then magically turned them into 2 beautiful poems for you all to read and see below! Sometimes I close my eyes and listen to the words, it helps me listen and visualise (give it a go!).

Click here to view the first collaborative poem called Window Frame

Click here to view the second collaborative poem called A Picture of Home

Here’s what Poppy has to say:

I have been so delighted by the response of the Our Day Out participants. All the poems I read were thoughtful, well written and creative. Having such a wide range of wonderful poems made my job; collating and editing them into a group poem, an absolute dream. 

When reading the poems for ‘Window Frame’ what stood out were the beautiful descriptions of nature mixed with the tedious days and a feeling of hope during lock down. All the poems brought together have captured, nature, tedium, appreciation and hope in a beautifully descriptive way.

The poem ‘A Picture of Home’ was an absolute joy to curate. Every object poem that I received was thoughtful, descriptive, creative and held its own as a verse. Each verse was a piece that all together created a whole picture of home. ‘A Picture of Home’ explores the meaning and importance of the objects that make up our homes, in an imaginative and creative way, thanks to all your wonderful words.

Thank you so much, I have loved collaborating with you. I hope you enjoy the packs and continue writing fantastic poetry.

If you’d like to try some more poetry activities, Poppy has some on her You tube channel – here is one below:

As always, if you receive our Creative Wellbeing Packs and would like to share any of your creativity with us, please email or even call us- we are very open to hearing any poetry through the phone!

If you are a member of the ‘Our Day Out’ groups, feel free to share any of your creations on our private Facebook page! If you need any help sharing, you can give us a call and we will try our best to walk through it together.

Do let us know if you have any friends, family or neighbours who you think would benefit from receiving a Creative Wellbeing Pack too. You can contact us by calling us on 01953 713390 or by emailing 

Ta-ra for now,

Sydney and the Creative Arts East Team x

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