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Finding Your Voice – Creative Wellbeing Packs

September 22, 2021

Hello! It’s Camilla here, I’m back again! I hope everyone has been doing well! I’m happy that some sun has made a welcome appearance over the last few days, let’s hope it stays that way! This week’s blog is about creative writing and how we can find our writing voices!

Our Artist this month is James McDermott, he is a Scriptwriter and Poet based in North Norfolk. James represents the beauty and poetry of everyday life through his writing. The subject of his writing is drawn from his experiences, memories and feelings and he also likes to document the Norfolk accent in his work. James stated in the creative wellbeing pack, that he wants to help us all find our voice but mused over the fact that we all have our own voice! So where could our voices be lost? He suggested behind the back of the sofa? Or at University?

James took inspiration and direction from Tom Wells, a Playwright, who said:  “your writing voices can sound like your speaking voice”. By writing the way you speak, you can produce a unique piece of writing, which will be different from anyone else’s writing. It also adds a natural element, as you don’t have pretend to be anything that you aren’t, meaning your writing is much more authentic and original.

James also took inspiration from the Poet and teacher, Anthony Anaxagorou, when he said: “to find your voice as a poet, just write down the movement of your mind”. The movements of your mind will be unique to you and the connections you make between the subjects of your writing will reveal the essence of your inner world. James suggests using a technique call Free Writing, this is where you set a timer and then try to write constantly, without stopping or thinking and of course without criticising what you have written!

It’s a stream of consciousness process and its aim is to let you release what’s in your mind and let it pour out into your writing on the page. The act of creation is unique and therefore you cannot fear making mistakes, as there are no mistakes to make! Self-expression is unique to everyone, what works for someone else when they write, may not work for another, but it’s okay! Writing is a trial-and-error process, one day you may feel like you love what you write, but another day, you may hate it! The journey of writing is full of twists and turns, but don’t ever feel like you aren’t ‘good enough’ to write or that you aren’t a ‘natural’. These negative labels stop you from taking the risk to just express yourself in whatever way suits you! Take the risk and express yourself, because you never know – you may find yourself – and your voice!

If you would like to send in some of your writing to Creative Arts East, please don’t hesitate! We would love to read them! You are welcome to email me with your writing at – camilla@creativeartseast.co.uk

James will be providing a Zoom workshop on Wednesday 29th September 2pm-3pm and the Zoom link will be emailed to everyone who received a pack, so save the date!

Hope you all have a fab week!

Bye for now!


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