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5 Top Tips from Employers – Kickstart Community Blog

October 26, 2021

Top 5 ‘Next Steps’ Tips from Employers

Hello everyone, Jack here, the Kickstart Community Administrator.

We’ve had some useful and engaging ‘Meet the Employer’ sessions over the past few months, delivered as part of the Kickstart network. Below are 5 top tips from the featured employers, which can help you get started when looking for future job roles in the arts sector!

Claire Somerville, Babylon Arts – www.babylonarts.org.uk

1. Do your research – If you’re invited to interview, help the employer see that you’re keen to work with them and that you know something about the organisation already.

Amanda Rigby, Paper Rhino – www.paperrhino.co.uk

2. Go to arts events– If you’re looking for work, try hanging out with other creatives, putting as much of your own work out through social media as you can and making it known you’re available for work. If you can, pick up some freelance work by doing favours / design jobs for friends and family. You can add this to your portfolio and gain experience which might lead to referrals. If people can’t pay you, insist they give you creative freedom and share the work instead.

Ruth Campbell-Ekins, Metal – www.metalculture.com

3. Make your CV stand out from the rest – If your creative, make it creative! Tailor your CV to each job you apply for and include links to examples of your work (if appropriate) such as a website or Instagram.

Amanda Rigby, Paper Rhino – www.paperrhino.co.uk

4. Pick the work you love – When curating a portfolio great portfolio, consider quality over quantity. Select high-quality pieces that really show what you can do. Pick the work you love and try to tailor your portfolio to suit the job you’re going for by selecting content that relates to the job you’re applying for.

Claire Somerville, Babylon Arts – www.babylonarts.org.uk

5. Networking can be fun! – Most people are just as nervous about chatting to new people, as you might be feeling and are grateful that you have struck up a conversation with them. Prepare a few open-ending questions to get the conversation going.

If you’re a Kickstart employee and didn’t manage to catch any of the ‘Meet the Employer’ sessions, they are available to watch via the Kickstart Teams channel. If you’d like to view all our employers top tips, please email Jack Breeze-Lamb – jack.breezelamb@nnfestival.org.uk

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