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Being a Village Screen promoting group is a fun and rewarding way of bringing fantastic entertainment to your community and your local venue.

How It Works

Creative Arts East provides:

  • Fully maintained, up-to-date, digital cinema equipment and demountable screen.
  • Technical training in assembly of the screen, technical know-how and health and safety advice.
  • Access to 4 sets of cinema equipment which can be booked using an online booking system.
  • Help and advice with programming and marketing.
  • A members area for film listings and downloadable forms and guides.
  • And more...

What Does Being A Promoter Involve?

Being a Village Screen promoter involves:

  • Gathering together a team of volunteers to help organise and promote the event.
  • Booking equipment using the online booking system.
  • Booking the venue and ensuring that it is properly licensed with the local council
  • Selecting and booking a film to screen
  • Producing and distributing fliers and promotional material
  • Acknowledging the partnership with Creative Arts East and its funders verbally and visually wherever possible.

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