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ENCOURAGE, CREATE, PROMOTE; Young Promoters National Conference

Took place on Tuesday 18th October 2016, 9.30am - 5pm
At The Mix, 127 Ipswich Street, Stowmarket, Suffolk IP14 1BB
ENCOURAGE, CREATE, PROMOTE; was the first dedicated national event that has come together to celebrate and share the diverse Young Promoters programmes that are happening all over the UK.
It was an opportunity to hear about the work Creative Arts East has been doing over the past seven years, and specifically the Young Music funded Young Promoters programme which has been developing since 2012. The event also showcased how other organisations across the country run young promoters programmes in places such as Wales, Lincolnshire, and Gloucestershire
The day gave delegates the chance to hear about best practice; discuss the challenges that organisations have faced; find out how to get involved in already existing programmes; get tips on how to set up your own young promoters groups and networks; and the opportunity to experience what being a young promoter feels like.
For more information about the event please contact us by email or call 01953 713390
This event was supported by funding from Youth Music.

Creative Arts East has been delivering a Young Promoters scheme since 2009. The scheme's core aims are to provide training in events management to groups of young people, providing them with a practical, hands on experience to create, organise, manage and host their own live event within their local communities.
We programme a menu of high quality live performance on a yearly basis for the young people to choose from, ensuring that young people have a voice in this process.
The scheme has developed significantly over the last 5 years, although the core aims of the scheme have remained the same, going from strength to strength and becoming a core area of work for Creative Arts East.
Currently the scheme is funded by Youth Music, which has meant a move towards specific music events management and the development of music making and music industry skills. Each group undergoes training in all aspects of events management, which will enable them to programme a high quality music event for their local community, and go on to promote and manage this event. The young people have access to music industry experts that guide them through the process, as well as develop their own music making skills. All young people also have the opportunity to undertake either their bronze or silver arts award.
Groups are made up of approximately 10 young people aged 13 - 18 and can be run as an after school club or as part of an organisations portfolio of activity with young people.
We are always happy to hear from potential groups leaders so if you are interested in finding out more or getting involved please contact Elly Wilson on or on 01953 713390
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