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Wymondham Film Project
Wymondham Film Project was supported by the Lottery through the UK Film Council's First Light initiative'
The project began by working with two groups of young people based in the small market town of Wymondham to develop their own scripts based on a film of their choice. The selected film was Edward Scissorhands, and helped inspire two brilliant and different short films.
One group of young people were based at the local primary school, Rober Kett Junior School, and another group of young people were based at Wymondham High School.
They both developed a some amazing work with the eventual creation of two film scripts 3005 and Death's Apprentice. Both groups continued to work on the script with professional film makers to support them in creating the great films below. From camera, sound, lighting, special effects, auditioning, acting, make-up, costumes, and more, the young people ran the whole production with guidance from the professional crew.
3005 and Death's Apprentice were then premiered to the public during Wymondham's first ever Film Festival in November 2010.
3005 - WINNER of the Professional Jury Award for Live Action in the 6-12 Years category at the Kids for Kids Film Festival 2011
A tale of friendship in a toxic landscap
Jex and Sharla are the only survivors in a world destroyed by pollution but when they exchange a soul stone new life springs up!
Death's Apprentice - WINNER of the Best Film by Over 12's at the First Light Awards 2012
A story of thwarted love!
The classic story of unrequited love is turned on it's head, when the Son of Death falls for a mortal girl on Hallowe'en.
Bright Ideas
Creative Arts East was awarded a MediaBox grant to lead a project with Suffolk Artlink providing young people with learning disabilities a chance to work with professional film making teams to create short films about subjects they felt passionate about.
Pupils at Parkside School (Norwich) made a film about threats to wildlife, the environment and the plight of endangered species and The Priory School (Bury St Edmunds) wanted to highlight safe independent travel for learning disabled young people. Using live drama, animation and music the groups devised storyboards, worked with filming equipment, recorded their soundtrack and were supported to lead the direction of the project; managing decisions about editing, distribution, budget and more. To see the films produced see below.
The main aims of the project were to increase young peoples' confidence and self-esteem and improve their teamwork skills. The project also helped to give the wider public a better understanding of issues relating to the lives and concerns of young people with learning disabilities. If you require further information regarding Bright Ideas, please contact us at Creative Arts East.