A Real Alien Adventure

A Real Alien Adventure

Company: Ripstop Theatre

Running Time: 50 minutes

Target Audience: 3+ and families

Website: www.ripstoptheatre.com

"A Real Alien Adventure" is an engaging family show full of shadow puppetry, magic tricks and cats in space! It is an original story created and performed by Zannie Fraser with atmospheric, electronic music composed by Bob Percy who also directed the show. We are a small by highly talented team!
The show is about Miss Amelia Buttersnap, who is an investigator of all things unseen and mysterious, an inventor of gadgets both marvellous and improbable and is on a mission to prove that aliens really do exist. With her Communicator Device, her Teleporter Machine and her trusty cat Tibbles she receives regular updates from Great Uncle Bertram from somewhere out in space in his home-made space rocket. Shadow puppetry, magic and audience interaction all make this a fun show for all the family.

Venue Access

General parking icon General Parking
Dickleburgh and Rushall Village Hall
Harvey Lane
Dickleburgh, Diss
IP21 4NL

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Dickleburgh and Rushall Village Centre Management Committee



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01379 742937

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01379 742937

Additional Info

There will be an age-group 'Create an Alien or Spaceship' competition - details to be finalised, prior to poster/flier publication

Ticket Information

Adult: £4.00
Child: £4.00