Can You Dig It?

Can You Dig It?

Company: Xylophone Productions

Running Time: 90 minutes plus interval

Target Audience: Suitable for all of the family


Full of comedy songs about growing your own vegetables (including a powerful love song to Alan Titchmarsh) and a virtuoso performance on a cucumber trumpet; Can You Dig It? will appeal to gardeners and non-gardeners alike!

Starring musical comedians (and real-life allotment holders), Jo Stephenson and Dan Woods - the audience will delve into the mysterious and competitive world of vegetable shows, hear the story of an evil pigeon called Derrick (who takes over the world) and ask: John Innes - who is he? There's even a song for people who don't like vegetables, poor things.
Pavilion, Hindringham
Wells Road, Hindringham
NR21 0PL

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