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Performers - Applying For The CAE LIVE! Rural Touring Directory

Please complete the following information about your company and your show as fully as possible. This information is used by our promoters and will inform them of the suitability of your show for their venue / community.
Alternatively, please download a copy of the form and send it to us using the address provided.
Company Details
Company Name:
Contact Name:
Full Postal Address:
Telephone Number (Main):
Telephone Number (Mobile/Secondary):
Email Address:
Show Details
Name of Show:
Available dates to CAE:
Description of Show:
Please provide wording to be used in our selection document. Approx. 150-200 words to include description of the show to appeal to village hall promoters, perhaps a little bit about yourself / your company, quotes, who the target audience is etc.
Does the show include any strong language or material that could offend?
Please describe in full.
Total Fee
Fee must include VAT, travel costs, equipment hire and any other expenses.
Performance Information
Age Suitability / Target Audience:
Running Time:
Is There an Interval?
Get-in Time:
Get-out Time:
Number of Performers:
Number of Technical:
Total Number of People on Tour:
Technical Information
Please note that most of our venues DO NOT have any sound / lighting equipment and often no raised stage facilites. CAE have a basic PA system that can be borrowed, but artists will have to collect and return from our offices and operate it themselves.
Performance Space Required:
(Please state minimum in metres: W x D x H)
Do you Require a Raised Stage?
Or can you Perform on the Floor?
Do you Require Lighting?
Do you Require Sound?
Do you Require Blackout?
Any Other Technical Requirements?
Hospitality Information
CAE promoters are often happy to provide hospitality in their homes for performers to save the costs of accommodation, please provide details below:
Will You Arrange for Accommodation at Your Own Expense?
OR Will You Accept Overnight Hospitality With Village Hosts?
Total Number of People Requiring Host Accommodation:
How Many Rooms? (Single, Twin, Double etc.)
Dietary Requirements?
Access Requirements?