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Get Involved

As a Promoter, you will:
  • be able to book high quality professional performers throughout the year from an online MENU
  • be entitled to receive a guarantee against loss on at least one show per year on events subsidised by the scheme;
  • be given guidance and advice in the management and promotion of your event;
  • be part of a wide network of volunteer promoters in Norfolk and Suffolk.
To become a Promoter you need to register. The registration fee is £30 +VAT = Total £36.
Meeting Your Group - We will visit your group before or after registration if preferred, to meet key people, see your venue and run through how the scheme works.
Bookings - As a Promoter, you can book performances from the online Menu which shows:
  • performances available to book;
  • facilities needed (performance area, changing rooms, lighting, get-in/out time, etc);
  • other information about the performance and type of audience it may appeal to.
Prior to booking a show online we recommend that you contact the performer by email or phone to agree a performance date.
All Promoters are entitled to a guarantee against loss on at least 1 show per year. Some groups may be entitled to further guarantees depending on district council area.
Publicity and networking - Creative Arts East will:
  • provide posters and fliers for your event, in hard copy and an electronic version;
  • write and circulate press releases to EDP/EADT and other local media contacts;
  • show your event details on the Creative Arts East 'What's On' Calendar;
  • hold a Promoter's day event for groups twice a year with a showcase of forthcoming shows, and as an opportunity for promoters to meet and share best practice.
Ticket Prices - You can set your own ticket prices for your event.
Support - A member of Creative Arts East will attend your first event to support and provide you with any last minute advice that you may need. A member of the Creative Arts East team will aim to attend subsequent events at your venue, although this may not always be possible.
Paying the Performers - After your event, you will need to:
  • pay the performer. We recommend that you pay the company ASAP after the event.
  • complete an Event Return Form to claim any guarantee against loss that you are eligible for.
For further advice and support at any time, please contact: